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By Rhoda Alben-Aronson, in Arts

“Boyz and goils, loin your English good,” intoned the Vice Principal of Brooklyn’s PS 99 as she stood in the doorway of my second grade classroom. She held a long, but plump, finger to her lips to signal for quiet from the group of restless, would-be-students. A large and imposing woman, she cast a big […]

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By J.D. Zumwalt, in Current Events

If you read this column you will be disgusted. The subject is ghastly and is more terrifying than any horror movie because it is happening all around us; it is occurring as you read these words. Human trafficking, including the marketing of children, is a fact of life. Precious children are being bought and sold […]

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The “Beat” movement of the 1950s and 1960s inspired a number of films with outstanding jazz scores. A new collection of CDs from London celebrates these scores, often featuring many of the world’s finest jazz musicians in unheralded performances. Discover these scores, their composers, and improvising performers, all while listening to my video review. Mark! […]

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In 2009, when Major Nidal Malik Hasan went on a killing rampage at Ft. Hood, 13 people lay dead and another 32 were wounded before Sgt. Kimberly D. Munley, a member of Fort Hood’s civilian police force, and apparently the first responder, engaged him in a shoot-out. Munley had been at her home away from […]

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By Charles Holbrook, in Satire

Now, I know that most of us have had this experience – probably too frequently – and many of us are guilty as sin of similar colorful transgressions with others. How many times have you started to share an experience or enlightening story with someone – be it tragic, embarrassing, illness, painful, close call, life […]

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The United States Army (In fact, the entire military) is, without question, the best on earth. The warrior on the ground will find a way to fight and to win. That is not always easy. They can take care of themselves on the battlefield; they deserve to be able to take care of themselves when […]

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A Point Well Taken!

By Bob Gibson, in National, Opinion

Sir Winston Churchill was right…if something bothers you, speak up, use a pile driver and hit it and then come back and hit it again! The hitting in this case is not to encourage violence…but to actually put a stop to it. Piers Morgan, the former editor of London’s Daily Mirror, capped a more than […]

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By J.D. Zumwalt, in National, Opinion

Some of you take great pride in your “Mother Theresa” qualities. You believe you will be paraded into heaven one day because of your magnanimous support of illegal aliens in the United States. Your attitude makes me sick and one day this great nation WILL pay the price. We have laws in our country for […]

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